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An image of the owner against a brick wall wearing a turquoise shirt

The lady behind Lady Caker

Hi! I’m Marisol.

I specialize in themed custom cakes and cupcakes. I love getting specific details about the theme of the cake to give it that personalized touch for its recipient. I love making people feel seen, and if I can accomplish that for them in a cake, then I've done my job.

I’m a self-taught home baker based in Arlington, TX. My business is a (one) woman-owned, queer-owned business.

I've been with my wife for ten years, married for nearly eight. We have three quirky, adorable cats. It's a great life.


How it began

My cake life began in the spring of 2019. One thing you should know about me— I’m a Stranger Things superfan. Well, my niece was turning 11. She was also a fan of the show., and I sent my sister a picture I had seen on Pinterest of an Eleven themed cake. My niece apparently loved it and insisted on having that cake for her party.

Being the (very) dedicated aunt that I am, I set off to attempt to fulfill this wish.

The combination of the design process and binge-watching Nailed it! on Netflix made me realize this new passion for cake decorating.

My first Cake

Cute name,
where'd you get it?

In one of my favorite episodes of The Office, “Goodbye Toby,” Michael is introduced to Holly, the new HR rep, with whom he eventually falls in love.

I found the way he described her was ridiculous and cute: “Holly is sweet, and simple. Like a lady baker... I’m pretty sure she’s baked on a professional level.”
Before I even considered baking cakes for a living, the name “lady baker” stuck with me because it was cute and silly. I (obviously) modified it to Lady Caker ‘cause that’s all I wanted to bake!

Michael and Holly from The Office
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